We kids to train their brain.

Practising the Abacus mathematics tool is an effective way for children to master maths and mental arithmetic skills. Using an Abacus requires and trains kids in eye/hand coordination skills.

Abacus exercises the brain to its unbelievable potential, using activities that require memory, concentration, analysis, visualisation and control. These activities encourage the brain to remember arithmetic skills. As well as complete mental calculations faster than traditional maths with higher levels of accuracy.

The speeds at which children can calculate arithmetic when they understand the abacus mental arithmetic technique is truly amazing. In early learning, there is standard additions and subtractions but eventually, this extends to a higher level of maths including square roots, long division and many other areas of maths. These are traditionally are very difficult, almost impossible to carry out mentally, but with Abacus and hard work, the impossible becomes possible. If you wish to see some of our students and the progress they are making towards mastering arithmetic please visit our youtube channel.